"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can".

-Arthur Ashe


Staged Living room

Staged Living room

Refresh or move your home

Making small changes in your home can make a world of difference. Often we feel completely overwhelmed when looking at the big picture. By breaking it down into smaller, more managable chunks, it can be easier to begin and complete a task.

Whether you are wanting to refresh a room in your home, or you are getting ready to sell and need to stage your house for real estate photos or open homes, I am able to assist you with suggestions and implementation. First impressions are made in the first 15 seconds, so it is important to have a “wow” factor so potential buyers will want to see more.

 We can also focus on all of the areas that home buyers will look at once they are in your house such as wardrobes, cupboards and storage spaces. It is important to make those areas just as fabulous as the rest of your home by having them decluttered and organised.

I can come to your home and discuss what your needs are. We can help throw some ideas and suggestions around and come up with a plan to create a "new" room.

Moving house can be one of the most stressful life events. People move for many reasons and some of those reasons can be huge stresses in themselves. I can help lighten the load on you by assisting in many different ways:

  • Sorting & decluttering in the pre-packing stage

  • Staging your home for realestate photos and open homes

  • Creating systems for packing so the movers know where things will go in the new home

  • Helping with chosing efficient and practical placement of items in the new home

Service does not include unpacking or moving large items, assembling furniture or putting up art etc

All your sessions include the hours I spend on-site editing and organising, plus: 

  • Any additional time spent space planning and designing organising solutions

  • Any additional time spent researching products and suggesting items for purchase

  • Light surface cleaning as we go

  • Phone, text, and email support between sessions

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers

  • Taking items to donation centers, or scheduling with an appropriate provider for pickup


Other info

  • Moving heavy furniture is considered on an individual basis

  • Cleaning is not part of the service

  • Use your hours your way - there is NO limit on the number of spaces!

  • Packages must be used within 12 months of the date of purchase.

  • Travel costs may be incurred. Please email for more info by clicking the Get in Touch button



Investment- Refresh & Packing

Single project session: $39/hour. Minimum of 2 hours 

Package discounts:

Spread over several sessions and projects that can be used over several days/weeks/months 

6 hours: $210

10 hours: $340

15 hours: $480

20 hours: $640

Custom packages available on request

Payment is due at the end of single sessions and all discounted packages need to be paid for in advance